Virtual Events

We wanted to provide you with some great information to help you deliver your content for the first Global Azure Virtual.

On this page, you can find helpful content to prepare for your virtual sessions, we hope you find it useful.

To start, here is none other than Scott Hanselman giving the low down on how to set up your machine for content delivery.

Nest up, we have former Global Azure Admin Team member Maarten Balliauw giving his inisght and experience on a multi-track online event run by the Belgian Azure User Group. He goes in to detail of what was tried, what was successful and unsuccessful, before explaining the final choices made.

Streaming a Community Event on YouTube - Sharing the Technologies and Learnings from Virtual Azure Community Day

Maarten also wrote about his experiences with a web-based streaming option, Streamyard. He concluded that Streamyard is very easy and user-friendly way to setup your virtual event. Since he wrote this post, Streamyard has added 1080p streaming with their Professional pricing tier.

Streaming a Community Event on YouTube Using StreamYard

We also have Henk Boelmen with his write up of the same event, with some additional information to that found in the blog from Maarten.

Online meetups with OBS and Skype

If you prefer to deliver your content through Microsoft Teams, James Marshall has a great post providing some useful tips to help ensure your event is a success.

Tips For Running Really Awesome Microsoft Teams Live Events

Finally, we have Thomas Maurer, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, giving us the benefit of his experience delivering training and workshops using a range of technologies, from Microsoft Teams to Visual Studio Remote Share.

How to Host Tech Workshops and Trainings Online