#HowTo #GlobalAzure

We want to join the fun with Global Azure - we are also interested in learning more about Azure during the global event. What do we do? 

That is in fact easy - here is how: 

  • You can quickly join your community of eager Azure learners to the event - and drop your pin on the Global Azure pin map! Any technical community is free to join - as long as your event for Global Azure is about... Azure! Your event is yours, and the content that you have, and the setup you have, is completely yours to arrange as works for you! 
  • You can post your community sessions that will take place in-person or virtually during Global Azure. 
  • As a speaker you can also join your own session on your own and share your knowledge from anywhere! 

What does a Global Azure event look like? 

In previous years communities have organised standalone events, put on a special Global Azure event as part of their User Group activities, or simply had a Global Azure-themed instance of their regular meetup. 

We made the event three days rather than one because Saturday doesn't work for everybody. That doesn't mean your event has to be three days long – it gives you the flexibility to pick a time that works for you and your community. 

Last but, by no means least, the past two years have seen a move online. Whilst we hope that this year will see a return to the in-person events we all love, there is still a place for online. That also means there is a place for individual contributors too. 

Add your Community and event to the Global Azure site 

To "pin your community" on the Global Azure Pin Map of communities, all you need to do is read here in our GitHub Repository, how to create your own community page on our site, and provide the coordinates for where you need your pin to drop! 

Add your agenda to the Global Azure site 

As a community event organizer, you gather your speakers, their sessions, and set up your event the way that works for you! Some in-person events are again allowed, other events will be virtual, and some will also be hybrid. Regardless, you can easily post your community sessions for Global Azure to the web site! All you need to do is create your event in Sessionize and grant our web site API access to read your sessions and post them on the site. 

Read here for more details on how to set up Sessionize integration for local event organizers

Join Global Azure as a speaker 

We urge you to consider finding a community near you, and join in their wonderful event that will happen during Global Azure. This will help the growth of local communities and allow you to create new connections. The more the merrier, right? 

Remember, the session is about Azure technology! 

What's in it for us? 

Valid question. Why are we doing this? The big answer is that "we cannot help ourselves"! Learning - community style together - is what we are! Azure is our passion! We have to do this! <3  

Together we make waves! We all love Azure and technology, and using the #GlobalAzure we can all be together as one great Azure learning family! This way more people will find your sessions and your community, and will be able to join for your event, and for future events, to learn and enjoy each other's company together! Global Azure is for everyone and naturally we all follow the #CoC

We are also working on shared community content and potential sponsorships that all can benefit from during Global Azure! More on this to come! 

If you have any questions you can reach us through the Global Azure contact form or on social media! 

@globalazure - @borzenko_lena, @davidjrh, @DataBytzAI, @iamalexmang, @LuceCarter1, @noopman, @rikhepworth.