Animated Global Azure Logos

We at Global Azure have some super exciting news! We have recently been provided some amazing animated Global Azure logos by Rainer Stropek, one of the organisers of Global Azure Austria, and the GA Austria design team. They are providing them to be used in promotional material for any Global Azure location, for free! We want to say a huge thank you to Rainer and the GA Austria design team for their work and for contributing to the community in such an awesome way. Check out Rainer’s message to the community below to see what inspired the team and where you can access these new logos!

We put the logos in our /Media section here on the site for you to freely use!


Hello Global Azure Community,

As we prepare for the upcoming Global Azure Austria event, we wanted to share an update with you. As part of the worldwide event series Global Azure, we've been using the Global Azure static logos on our websites, social media channels, and promotional materials. These logos represent our dedication to connecting the Azure community around the globe.

To add a fresh touch to the Global Azure Austria website and embedded videos, our design team has created a new animated logo. We hope that this new logo animation will improve the visual experience of our website and videos while reinforcing a cohesive brand identity for the event series.

We also want to extend the use of this animated logo to all Global Azure organizers, regardless of their location. If you're organizing a Global Azure event in your city or region, we invite you to use the new animated logo on your website, videos, and promotional materials.

Let's continue to support and grow the Global Azure community together.

Warm regards,

Rainer Stropek (Global Azure Austria)