First Time Speaker? Get Featured!

Global Azure 2023 is very close now, and there are already hundreds of speakers registered. If you are speaking at Global Azure 2023 and it will be your first time ever speaking at an event, first of all, congratulations! It takes real bravery to take that first step into speaking at community events and putting yourself out there.  

As a small welcome to the community, we at Global Azure would love to feature some first-time speakers here on our blog! I am Jennifer Holland, and I am one of the Global Azure Admins. It would be my pleasure to talk to you and learn about your experience as a new community speaker. This could include your experience leading up to the event or, if we chat after Global Azure, what it was like to speak for the first time! I took this picture at the first community event I ever attended in June 2022! 


There are several ways to contact us if you are interested in being featured on our blog as a first-time speaker! 


  1. Comment under this Twitter post and we’ll reach out to you in a message to discuss an interview! 


  1. Go to the Global Azure website’s contact form at and send us a message! Make sure to mention that you’d like to be involved in the first-time speaker blog series, and include your name, session title, and which Global Azure event you will be speaking at.  


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We will try to answer everyone who contacts us either through Twitter or the form, but if there are high numbers we can’t guarantee we will be able to interview everyone. Being quick to respond will help us get to as many as we can. 

The interview questions will include general questions about you, what your session is going to be about and what made you decide to take that leap to start speaking. And if the interview is after Global Azure, we can talk about how your event went and what the experience was like speaking for the first time! 

After the interview call, we’ll aim to get a blog post featuring you and your session up. Please note that we are not obliged to post everything from the interview sessions. 

We’re really looking forward to getting to feature some awesome first-time speakers and welcome you to the community! 

  • The Global Azure Admin Team