Microsoft is sponsoring Azure Passes for Global Azure 2023

For #GlobalAzure 2023, there is some sponsorship!

  • Community Leader: Here is how you can get a location code for your Global Azure event to get the sponsorship!
  • Global Azure attendee: Here is how you can get your sponsorship!

Read on below for the answers!

What is Global Azure?

Global Azure is a worldwide event that celebrates Microsoft Azure - the cloud computing platform offered by Microsoft. The event is organized by the community and is NOT a Microsoft event. Of course, Microsoft is VERY happy to support our events as much as they can, since we are enthusiasts about THEIR technology. The organizers of the community events are often community leaders, user groups, and Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals). We're organizing meetup community events gathering Azure enthusiasts from around the globe to learn, share knowledge, and grow together our cloud skills.

The tangible support for Global Azure is that Microsoft is sponsoring Azure Passes for attendees, worth $100, which can be used to access Azure services and tools!

How do I, the organiser, get access to sponsorship for my attendees?

As an organiser of a Global Azure Community event, you can get access to the sponsorship for the attendees of your event! For this, you need a valid location code.

IMPORTANT: There is ONLY ONE VALID WAY for your attendees to get access to the sponsorship!

To get the location code for your event, you as the organizer must contact Global Azure through the site contact form. Provide us with the link to the event that is yours and we will verify that you are you! After we verify you are really you and you run your event, we will email your event location code to you!

The intent of this setup is that only attendees of #GlobalAzure events are eligible for sponsorship. Please DO NOT share your code on social media or otherwise publicly, because that defeats the purpose of sponsorship and is detrimental to all of the tech community.

I am attending Global Azure - how do I get sponsorship?

To get the sponsored items you must attend a Global Azure event and get a location code from your organizer. When you have that code, you sign up and sign in on this website. In your profile, you can enter the code. Now you have access to personal sponsorship. Visit the sponsorship page and claim the items! Here you can for example claim one of the sponsored Azure Passes from Microsoft. From our site, you get an Azure Passcode. You bring this code to the Azure Pass website (link on the sponsor page), enter the code and unlock the sponsorship.

PLEASE, HEED THIS: Limited Passes are Available!

It is IMPORTANT to note that the number of Azure Passes is limited. As an attendee, you should act fast to put your hands on a code. Moreover, Microsoft suggests attendees, who receive a pass, activate it right away to ensure the sponsorship is used effectively.

  • This sponsorship could have gone to another community member if you are not using it. Solidarity with the community is expected!
  • Microsoft might be less eager to sponsor Global Azure next year if only a few of the passes are ever activated and used! This is a waste of real money if left unused and that would be a shame!

When you claim an Azure pass from the website PLEASE ACTIVATE IT IMMEDIATELY! Don't wait, don't delay, and do not dilly-dally! ACTIVATE the code as soon as you get it!

Benefits of Azure Passes

Azure Passes offer attendees a chance to explore Azure services and tools without incurring any costs. This can greatly benefit those who are new to Azure and are keen to discover more. Also, the attendees can use the pass to try out different Azure features and experiment with different use cases. How great is that!


Microsoft's sponsorship of Azure Passes for Global Azure is a golden chance for attendees to get to know about the Azure services and tools without any charges. By attending a Global Azure event and obtaining an event code, attendees can unlock the sponsorship and start using Azure Passes. However, it is crucial to act swiftly in activating the pass so that the sponsorship is used effectively. With Azure Passes, attendees can gain valuable experience with Azure and learn more about its capabilities.