Announcing our Global Azure 2023 Cloud Skills Challenge

We recently announced in a blog post (that you can read here), that we have put together a large collection of Microsoft Learn content just for you for Global Azure 2023.
In it we promised you a Cloud Skills Challenge. Well guess what, that Challenge is ready for you here!

This is a slimmed down collection (lesser in quantity not quality of course) that contains around 15 hours of excellent content on a range of topics that you can complete at your own pace. We know how overwhelming but fun it can be to learn new technologies, so this collection is very much welcoming to newcomers to Azure. So if you are a newer developer, or just interested in learning more about Azure, this challenge is for you!

The event runs from May 11th 12AM PST to May 25th 12AM PST so you have two whole weeks to learn, level up and climb that leaderboard!

Be sure to share your progress with us on social media and use the hashtag #GlobalAzure2023! We love to see you all having a great time learning and sharing the experience with each other. You can find us on Twitter and Mastodon

What are you waiting for? Register today for the Global Azure 2023 Cloud Skills Challenge!