First Time Speaker Spotlight: Pasang Tamang

This is the first post in a short series to highlight a few of our amazing community speakers who spoke for the first time at Global Azure this year! Our spotlight today is on Pasang Tamang, from Nepal.

Pasang is a .NET Software Architect who enjoys exploring Azure for .NET development. He has been continuously active in community activities for the past ten years; he used to be a part of the ASP.NET community, where he hosted and spoke at local events. However, this was his first time speaking at Global Azure.

Pasang’s session was part of  Global Azure Nepal, which was hosted by Nepal Cloud Professionals. His session, “Leveraging Azure Search in Your Enterprise Application”, was about how to integrate Azure Cognitive Search with .NET applications. During it, he discussed how to configure Azure Cognitive Search, how to create indexes, and how to push custom data to the Search.

Pasang spoke to me about why he enjoys community events: “Speaking at local events and working with communities is always a great feeling. […] Sharing is the biggest thing we can give.”

He also discussed the value of getting feedback from audiences: “I might have something missing in my presentation but there will always be someone who will correct me. There will always be someone who can give me feedback on my session.”

“Negative feedbacks are for improvement and positive feedbacks are for encouragement.” Wise words, Pasang!

It was great to talk to Pasang about his Global Azure speaking experience and I found it really inspirational to hear about all his community efforts! Pasang’s LinkedIn can be found here. Thank you Pasang for speaking to us!