First Time Speaker Spotlight: Srikanth Thota

This time in our First Time Speaker Spotlight series we spoke to Srikanth Thota, a data engineer from India.

Srikanth has been working with Azure Technologies for over 5 years, and his skillset includes Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics. He is certified in Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900), and Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-200 & DP-201). Very impressive!

Srikanth’s session, “Azure Synapse Link for SQL” was part of Global Azure Latino .NET. Srikanth is a great example of the true global reach of Global Azure; he gave his session at a Latin American event from India! Due to time zones, he had to wake up at 3am to do his session, which shows some amazing commitment.

When we asked if he was nervous before his session, he said not at all. He explained that he is heavily involved in cultural activities and is a dancer, and through this he has managed to get rid of stage fright and be able to face any audience, which is very admirable. He also told us how he gets his initiative in these situations from his Mom, who is always taking the initiative for organizing family events.

Srikanth also discussed how he now feels very encouraged to continue speaking at events in the future, and that seeing his face and name up on YouTube in the same way that he has seen so many other speakers in the past have their sessions uploaded was a great feeling.

Finally, he wanted to say a huge thank you to the Latino .NET Online community for being so accommodating to someone who didn’t speak Spanish, and for accepting his session and making him feel so included.

And a thank you from us to Srikanth for chatting about his experience! It’s great to get to hear about all these different community perspectives. Srikanth’s LinkedIn can be found here.