First Time Speaker Spotlight: Hardik Mistry

This time in our First Time Speaker Spotlight series we spoke to Hardik Mistry, a software engineer, architect, and consultant from India.

Hardik started his community journey back when he was an MSP (Microsoft Student Partner). He then went on to become an MVP in developer technologies for a while before Covid hit and he lost touch with the community for a while. Now he’s back better than ever, and Global Azure was his first event after the hiatus. Welcome back to community events!

Hardik’s session was part of Global Azure Bootcamp 2023 - Mumbai, which was hosted by Hackerspace Mumbai. His session, “Courage in Chaos with Microsoft Azure”, was about the importance of a High Availability / Disaster Recovery setup for SaaS in Microsoft Azure. It also included a great demonstration with load-balancing and a traffic manager to show how if one machine goes down, website traffic can be re-routed to another.

This is Hardik’s area of expertise, so he was lucky to not be nervous before his session. For the future, Hardik said: “I’m interested in trying to bring more empathy in the community by using technology.”

He said that a lot of people just see community contribution as speaking, and “They’re always interested in talking tech, so I encourage them that this is a platform where you can learn marketing skills, speaking skills, engagement.” The people working behind the scenes of community events are just as important as the speakers, whether it’s answering questions, putting out posters, or even just handing out social media handles of the speakers, so it’s awesome to see Hardik working towards getting more people involved in those areas of community contribution.

Hardik was a real pleasure and very inspiring to talk to! His passion for tech and community events is very admirable. Thank you Hardik for talking to us! Hardik’s LinkedIn can be found here.