Welcome to Global Azure 2024!

Please listen to a Global Azure welcome by Microsoft Executive Vice President, Scott Guthrie, who is a great fan of our community owned event about Azure!

Since the very first Global Azure Bootcamp, organised over ten years ago, what is now known as Global Azure has gone from strength to strength. Three days where enthusiasts, professionals, students and community leaders around the world come together to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We are excited to announce that Global Azure 2024 will take place on Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, and Saturday 20th of April! You can also be part of the greatest global community event about Azure technology on the planet!

Global Azure 2023 by the numbers was impressive: 483 speakers delivered 445 sessions at 110 events organised by 105 communities. Thousands of people in the Azure community around the globe joined either in person or online.

We believe that this year will be an even bigger expression of the power of community and we'd love you all to be involved.

There are several ways that you can support and participate in Global Azure 2024:

Organisers and Community Leaders: Organise a Global Azure event!

We are immensely proud of our slogan: By the community, for the community! We invite you to organise your Global Azure event, whatever that might be, during the three days of Global Azure.

If you are part of a user group, perhaps you could have a Global Azure-themed meeting where the presentations or discussions are all centred on Azure!

If you are part of a group that champions diversity and inclusion, such as Women in Technology, perhaps you could run an event on how to succeed in the area of Cloud and Azure!

If you are an experienced community organiser, perhaps you could arrange a one day event with a range of speakers on different aspects of building systems in Azure!

If you are a student, perhaps you could run an event at your school, college, or university that introduces your community to the cloud! You will be able to use prepared packages of tutorial content, so that you easily have something intriguing to learn during your event.

Whatever you choose, we welcome your participation and invite you to put your pin on our Global Azure map, allowing people to find your event and take part. We will also build our Global Agenda once again, so if you use Sessionize to handle your Call for Papers and agenda, we can include your sessions to help people find and be excited by your content.

Find out more about #Howto Global Azure in our blog post.

Organisations and Corporations: Become a Global or Local Sponsor

Our central team and all the great local organisers give their most precious resource: time. But all events need help in other ways and if you would like to get involved we can offer your organisation global and local exposure. Perhaps you are able to help a local user group with space to hold an event, or assist a larger event with lunches. Maybe you are even able to support all of Global Azure with offers for attendees. If you'd like to learn more please get in touch with us and we can connect you with the right people at a global or local level.

Speakers: Offer to speak at a Global Azure event

For people to learn, we call on experts who are prepared to share their knowledge! It is one of the finest traits of skill to share. The community organisers each place their location pin on our map, and in doing so we offer a place that you can find their call for papers. Submit your sessions, suggest your topics, perhaps even offer other ideas like labs or supported learning that will allow an event organiser to put together a great Global Azure experience.

Anyone at all: Attend a Global Azure event!

Global Azure is for you! Yes, you: Whoever and wherever you are. We hope that there will be a Global Azure event near you, that you can attend in person and meet other members of your community, make new friends and enjoy learning about Azure. (If not, you will have to organize one, see above!) If you can't attend in-person, many events will have their content available online, either through recordings you can watch later, live streaming, or in previous years there have been great events that take place fully online in the virtual world and we hope to see the same in 2024.

Welcome to Global Azure 2024!

As the central organising team of Global Azure we would like to thank you all for helping us make this such a great event year after year and we are excited to see what we can do, together, to make 2024 another great year for Global Azure: By the community, for the community!

- The Global Azure Team:
Martin, Hugo, Olena, Luce, Tiago, Rik, Jennifer, Alex, Magnus, Allen, & David