Announcing our collaboration with Sam Entertainment

Global Azure are excited to announce a partnership with Sam Entertainment that will make the App Sam available to all of our 2024 community events.

Sometimes, great things come from small things. Members of Sam's team and ours met at a conference and started a conversation about the app being used at the event. What began as a chat about the user experience quickly expanded and became one about the potential for collaboration.

The ultimate outcome of that chance meeting was a generous offer by the Sam Entertainment team that would enable all of the community events taking part in Global Azure 2024 to use the app.

Sam launched in 2018 as a way for individuals to create and share authentic memories from their private events, such as weddings and other celebrations, with around 700,000 users since then. In 2022, they expanded their offerings to include services for businesses and commercial events, such as conferences and corporate events, by providing an app experience tailored to these specific occasions. Now in 2024 Sam Entertainment are pleased to be able to support Global Azure events worldwide.

You can find out more about how Sam can support business events on their B2B website or LinkedIn channel.

What does this mean for Global Azure events?

For Global Azure 2024 we hope that many of you organisers out there will try the Sam App for your event! Let us make it a "competition" of sorts to use the app, and take and share photos from your location! That way we can all see what you are up to while learning Azure, and share in the fun and learning on a global scale! What does a Global Azure event look like in India? What did the attendees have for lunch in England, and what is the weather like for Global Azure in Brazil? We all want to know, and now you can easily share this among likeminded enthusiasts! We are so excited about this prospect and eager to see all the pictures shared through the Sam App!

The Sam App is available on iOS and Android and helps our hard-working community event organisers in several ways:

  • Easy sign-up to an event with QR code or link.
  • Event agenda driven by the Sessionize API.
  • Collection of feedback on both sessions and the event as a whole, which can then be downloaded by organisers.
  • Picture and video sharing by organisers and attendees.
  • A messaging channel enabling event announcements by organisers.
  • Continuously updating picture stream for event screens.

How can event organisers get access to the App Sam?

The good news is that enabling Sam for any event using Sessionize will be as simple as adding a pin to the Global Azure communities map! We will automatically create an event in Sam for you, and then once we know the user account on Sam for the organiser of each event, we'll make sure to connect the two. We'll be updating our #HowTo soon with all the details.