Global Azure Virtual 2020

We are going to have a Global Azure Virtual 2020 event on April 23-24-25!

When we had to sadly announce the cancellation of the Global Azure meetup events this year (blog post: Global Azure and COVID-19) many voices of support and comfort has overwhelmed us. THANK YOU for your support during this trial. Covid-19 is no joke for anyone on this planet. Additionally, we have seen many raise their hand to suggest and volunteer their efforts to make a Community effort around Global Azure in a virtual form.

We have already indicated that we aim to do some kind of "Global Azure light" in the fall of 2020 and that we will return with a regular Global Azure event in 2021. Of course we have also started planning for more things to happen already now and it is heart warming to see that so many share in our passion!

The report of the death of Global Azure 2020 community spirit was an exaggeration! No pesky virus will keep us down! Instead of the Global Azure physical community meetup events with sponsorship such as food and digital giveaways we rea ready to announce:

Global Azure Virtual is happening - and we will of course cater to all languages!

We the global community for Azure knowledge and learning passion will not be deterred by any virus or anything else!

Here on our site it will soon be possible to post your presentations so that we may share and have remote fun together! Any presenter who wants to step up and deliver may of course do so. We commit to helping you with guidance, technical advice, help on how to make a great screen-presentation and more. This site will be a hub for our efforts!

Our thinking is to have presentations filtered by topic-tags, language (very important) and more - and we want to allow anyone to make a schedule in their own time zone so they will know when to tune in!

Attendees who want to view our videos should consider how and where to do this? If you are at work or in an educational institution you can arrange local viewing parties - taking into consideration what local authorities say about gatherings of people of course. Tuning in and learning from home is also a great option!

Q: What can I (you, anyone) do if I want to help?
A: Everyone get ready to present! Prepare your sessions as normal, figure out how to technically do your virtual presentation. Unless you are already a virtual training expert, learn about what makes a good virtual presentation.

If you have any thoughts on this, questions, suggestions, if you want to help - any input at all - contact us!

We remain eternally grateful that we get to hang out with the global community of passionate Azure experts who do such great work all around the globe! Thank you for your continued support - you are the best!

Regards - your faithful Global Azure Admins,

@davidjrh, @fincooper, @iamalexmang, @martinabbott, @noopman, @sjoukjezaal and @wesleycabus