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Welcome to Global Azure 2023!

It is fascinating to see how our event, the event of all global Azure communities, which was originally called "Windows Azure Bootcamp", has set a new global standard for community happenings. There are so many community events now named "Global {something} Bootcamp." It is not wrong to state that Global Azure put "global" into community. Today, it is quite common to do a tech community event on a global scale, or not at all. We are so happy and proud to be part of this community of global Azure enthusiast - community leaders, speakers, and learners!

Microsoft Reactors to bring local communities to Global Azure

Microsoft Reactors help developers and startups learn, connect, and build through local community engagement. Reactors are hubs to connect with local peers as well as industry-leading ideas and technology from Microsoft, partners, and the open source community. User groups can work with their local Reactor to host community events and Microsoft also delivers its own content, unique to each location and often in local language.

It is time for Global Azure 2022!

The original "Global {Community} Bootcamp" event is BACK! No pesky pandemic will stop our thirst for knowledge or the drive and longing to share our skills with each other, and to have fun together! Join us wherever you are in the world to learn about Azure and have fun together with your friends and colleagues, on a GLOBAL SCALE!

Global Azure Speaker Buddy System

There are many out there in the world who are exited by the idea to speak virtually at Global Azure. At the same time as a beginner speaker or as someone who has never spoken virtually and does not have the technical setup in order, giving a first virtual presentation may seem very daunting and infinitely far off!

Global Azure Virtual 2021 Call For Papers

On March 1st you will be able submit your session to our site to be listed with hundreds of other speakers who will also all stream live during Global Azure Virtual 2021!

Global Azure Virtual Kick-off

Global Azure Virtual 2020 is an online event where Azure presenters all over the world, in any language they choose, go live online to present about Azure! Anyone will be able to join in and listen and learn!

Global Azure Virtual 2020

When we had to sadly announce the cancellation of the Global Azure meetup events this year (blog post: Global Azure and COVID-19) many voices of support and comfort has overwhelmed us. THANK YOU for your support during this trial. Covid-19 is no joke for anyone on this planet. Additionally, we have seen many raise their hand to suggest and volunteer their efforts to make a Community effort around Global Azure in a virtual form.