Global Azure Virtual 2021 Call For Papers

We are happy to announce the opening date for the Global Azure Call for Papers!

On March 1st you will be able submit your session to our site to be listed with hundreds of other speakers who will also all stream live during Global Azure Virtual 2021!

Image from a Global Azure event from a previous year in Texas USA.

Community leaders

We are using Sessionize for the listing on the Global Azure site. If you are a leader of a community somewhere in the world and you want to help list your speakers here's what you will be able to do!

If you choose to use Sessionize for your speakers and your community, you can open that up for sessions right away!

To integrate with our Global Sessionize, you can generate an API key to allow read of your session data. We will then integrate with this data and pull it from your Sessionize and post it into ours! That way you will be in full control of the data pertaining to the sessions originating from your community! You can add and edit any data and the Global Azure site will be updated to reflect your changes!

Here are the facts

If you want to submit a session to the site and deliver it on the Global Azure days there are only a few things for you to consider:

  • The session should be about Azure! This is Global Azure, after all :)
  • You can list your session in any language.
  • You can list your session in any time zone.
  • You will need to set up your own live stream technology for you to stream your session! You post the URL to that stream in your Sessionize submission, so that attendees may tune in to your session on the big day!

We are so very excited about this and remember how blown away we were last year when we opened up the CFP and over a hundred sessions got posted in a matter of hours!

Tune in on March 1st to post your sessions in our Sessionize! We have a team standing by to review the submissions - only to see that the submissions are appropriate and contain a complete set of data - and publish them to the web site!

Get ready! Get set! Global Azure!

Your friendly admin team - @globalazure - @davidjrh, @iamalexmang, @karlgots, @martinabbott, @noopman, @sjoukjezaal, @wesleycabus


Q: I’m speaking in a local event organized by my community and I’ve already submitted the session on the local CFP . Do I need to submit it again on the global CFP?
A: No. We will automatically pull the local submissions from all local registered events that are using Sessionize.

Q: I'm an individual speaker not associated with a local community. Can I submit my session to your Sessionize?
A: Yes, you are very welcome! Any speaker, any language, from anywhere! Please join and add your value!