Welcome to Global Azure 2023!

It is fascinating to see how our event, the event of all global Azure communities, which was originally called "Windows Azure Bootcamp", has set a new global standard for community happenings. There are so many community events now named "Global {something} Bootcamp." It is not wrong to state that Global Azure put "global" into community. Today, it is quite common to do a tech community event on a global scale, or not at all. We are so happy and proud to be part of this community of global Azure enthusiast - community leaders, speakers, and learners!

Now it is time for our next Global Azure event!

Introducing Global Azure 2023 on May 11 - 13! #GlobalAzure

Organize a Global Azure event

You rock your own communities and lead them with great events all the time! Many of you have told us that the Global Azure event is your community's greatest event each year, and that your community members love the show that you put on!

You who lead your community know best how to put together your event! On a global scale, should you want some assistance, you can always ask us for guidance, material, inspiration, or anything else!

For inclusive purposes and to make it easier for each community to choose the date and size of your event, Global Azure runs over three days. You can run an event as small as just a few hours one of the days, or an event as large as a multi-track conference over multiple days - or all three days! It really is up to you to decide what makes sense where you are, and in service of your community members!

You should decide when your event will happen, and post it on your regular channels! Once announced you can post about your event on our web site by using the Global Azure Community repository on GitHub! Follow the instructions there, enter your data, and send us a pull request! Once your data is manually verified for completeness we will merge the change which will appear on our shared community website!

There are not really any "rules" as such to participate with your community, aside from these simple guidelines:

  • Your event is about Microsoft Azure technology! This is Global AZURE after all. Certainly additional technologies that are adjacent to Azure are equally valid for your event, so long as some of the event is interacting with Azure, you're fine!
  • You set up your physical meetup event, or virtual streams, or both, the way you see fit!
  • You use the Global Azure Community repository on GitHub to publish your event on the global site! This will also pin your location to our map of Global Azure events!
  • When you have your agenda ready for your sessions at your event, you may claim bragging rights to it by using Sessionize to syndicate your sessions onto the global site session directory!
  • Your event will use #globalazure socially to connect to other events! Everywhere we use the same hashtag, and we should all refer to our website, to share the community spirit with everyone!

Additional helpful directions:

  • Collaborate with local Azure subject matter experts to put the agenda together for your event - sessions, workshops, whatever you like.
  • It is not required to inform local Microsoft of your event, but we recommend those who can reach out for support from local representatives to do so. Microsoft is happy to support your community activities as best they can.
  • If you cannot find a local Microsoft person, please reach out to us through the site! We will forward your request to Microsoft to help locate local support people. Trust us - Microsoft would LOVE to hear from you!

Join us now and become part of #GlobalAzure 2023!

Sponsor Global Azure

"Your massive community event with a global reach is amazing - how can we get in on that, and get some exposure for our brand!?"

Sponsorship is awesome and we are happy to work with you to show your brand to a global Azure audience.

  • We require you to give something to the attendees of Global Azure at a global scale. Some digital giveaway, or significant discount, would do the trick!
  • In return we will show your brand on the site, in newsletters, on social media, and send out your logo to all local organizers to show at their event when their attendees claim your sponsorship!
  • In case you want to sponsor just one, or a few events (perhaps in just one country, or in the cities where your company has offices), you can contact the organizers of those communities direct. Or, you can reach out to us through the site and we will facilitate contact with those local organisers!

Typical sponsorships have previously included - but are not limited to; software license keys, free lunches for everyone, or training vouchers. Global Azure will never share contact information to any attendees anywhere, but we will share your sponsorship and enable individuals to claim it by contacting you back. The main principle for a sponsor is that you offer something of value to anyone in the community, that makes them want to connect with you! That relationship is attendee initiated and it is entirely a matter between them and you the sponsor.

Please reach out to us through the site contact form to initiate a conversation about sponsorship!

I want to attend Global Azure

Lovely! You are an Azure learner and you want to join with other likeminded people for the joy of tech and the joy of community!

Using our website, find a local community near you who are running an event and sign up to attend that location!

Is there not a Global Azure event near enough to you? Consider organizing one yourself! You can also reach out to local Microsoft and ask if they know someone who might organize a Global Azure event in your town! If you want help or guidance, please contact us through the site, and we will do what we can to make your local community heroes aware of the lack of a local Azure event!

Welcome to #Globalazure 2023

But wait - there's more! We are working with Microsoft to get a number of Azure Passes that we will distribute to the communities to share with some of the attendees that do not presently have access to Azure. More information to come on this.

There we have it folks - it is time to meet, learn, and be merry together as a Global FAMILY of Azure enthusiasts!

As always Global Azure is by the community for the community!

Your friendly admin team - @globalazure - @borzenko_lena, @DataBytesAI, @davidjrh, @iamalexmang, @LuceCarter1, @noopman, @rikhepworth