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A statement regarding current events

Global Azure was conceived as an event delivered by the community for the community. In our minds ‘community’ is inclusive of all nations, genders, religions, cultures and race. We strive to help each of us be better through the umbrella of an event which promotes sharing, teaching, and directly using technology for good through our Global Science Lab.

We are saddened that current events facture that community. We condemn any behaviour that attacks or excludes people, from prejudice to war. From our humble position as an event intended to foster goodwill and betterment for all involved, we will continue our efforts in that regard.

We will miss our friends that are not able to place their pins on our map this year. We hope that they are safe, and we will welcome them back to Global Azure in future.

Call for Speakers now open and new Community pages

We are happy to announce that Global Azure is ready for another round! Global Azure is all about community, all about FUN, and all about instigating active learning and encouraging learners to stay up to date with Azure technology. After starting in 2013 this will be the 9th edition, and we love to see how it grows year after year. The call for speakers is now open and we have some new tools for community organizers.

Sessionize integration setup for local event organizers for 2022 edition

If you looking for instructions on how to setup your local event on Sessionize to integrate your schedule with the Global Azure agenda available at you are in the right place. The objective is to promote through a single point your local community speakers and content, showing what is happening around the world during the #GlobalAzure event. We also want to allow each local organizer to manage its own event and its own premises. Your event, your rules. We asked some communities, we asked the folks at Sessionize, and after some whiteboard sessions, we implemented what somebody called "Sessionize event federation". Sounds funny right?

It is time for Global Azure 2022!

The original "Global {Community} Bootcamp" event is BACK! No pesky pandemic will stop our thirst for knowledge or the drive and longing to share our skills with each other, and to have fun together! Join us wherever you are in the world to learn about Azure and have fun together with your friends and colleagues, on a GLOBAL SCALE!