It is time for Global Azure 2022!

Global Azure 2022 is happening!

The original "Global {Community} Bootcamp" event is BACK! No pesky pandemic will stop our thirst for knowledge or the drive and longing to share our skills with each other, and to have fun together! Join us wherever you are in the world to learn about Azure and have fun together with your friends and colleagues, on a GLOBAL SCALE!


Calling organizers to set up local events! Calling Azure subject matter experts to speak and teach at the event! Calling sponsors who wish to be our ally and sponsor the event! Together we are formidable, and we will rock this space rock to create the biggest community happening the planet has ever known - by community, for community! 

The Global Azure 2022 dates

The dates for #GlobalAzure 2022 edition are:

May 5 - 7, 2022

From the first hour of the first time zone of May 5 to the last hour of the last time zone of May 7, hundreds of Global Azure events will be organized once more! You decide what day or days you wish to run your event! Some run a multi-track event on just one day, others over all the days, and some just have a smaller community meetup. It is all up to you what day you organize your event!

  • Please read the Global Azure pandemic disclaimer and own the responsibility to arrange a safe event during these pandemic times!
  • Your event is about Microsoft Azure technology!
  • Your event will use #globalazure socially to connect to other events!
  • You will be able to list your event, including agenda and sessions, on this site where anyone can find it and decide to join your FUN and LEARN from your experts and from friends.

How do I organize?

The "rules" of engagement are simple; it's up to you! You who organize decide what is a good and useful event for your local community. You know your community members, and you know what expert presenters you might have access to. You also decide if this is a small or a large event, and if it is a physical meetup event, or a virtual event, or both?

  • Collaborate with local Azure subject matter experts to put the agenda together for your event - sessions, workshops, whatever you like.
  • It is not required to inform local Microsoft of your event, but we recommend those who can reach out for support from local representatives to do so. Microsoft is happy to support your community activities as best they can.
  • If you cannot find a local Microsoft person, please reach out to us through the site! We will forward your request to Microsoft to help locate local support people. Trust us - Microsoft would LOVE to hear from you!
  • You set up your physical meetup event, or virtual streams, or both, the way you see fit!
  • Register your event on this web site to show your brilliant speakers and happening to anyone who wants to tune in or meet up!
  • We ask, but ultimately this is up to you, that you keep Global Azure events free to attend as community learning events. 

When you have put your team of organizers and speakers together, you register your event here on the site to claim a pin on the map, and to list your virtual sessions. Physical meetups have a location for you to share so attendees may sign up. Virtual events have an agenda of live streaming sessions that we will list here for anyone to join.

YOU and YOUR event organizers, and your local subject matter EXPERTS will ALWAYS retain full credit for the great community heroism that you display to facilitate learning among your peers! We in Global Azure are proud to be allowed to display your greatness and to show off the POWER of GLOBAL COMMUNITY ACTIVISM!

Join us now and become part of #GlobalAzure 2022!

Would you like to sponsor Global Azure 2022, or know someone who might?

Global Azure is looking for additional sponsors. Does your company have reason to be exposed to over twenty thousand Azure enthusiasts around the Globe? We have the means to put you on the map for all these people! All you need to do is consider what you wish to sponsor the community with and apply by contacting us (Global Azure Admins) through this site!

Typical sponsorships have previously included - but are not limited to; software license keys, free lunches for everyone, or training vouchers. Global Azure will never share contact information to any attendees anywhere, but we will share your sponsorship and enable individuals to claim it by contacting you back. The main principle for a sponsor is that you offer something of value to anyone in the community, that makes them want to connect with you! That relationship is attendee initiated and it is entirely a matter between them and you the sponsor.

Global Azure pandemic disclaimer

DISCLAIMER: You who organize any Global Azure event on the dates below take full credit and full responsibility for the event you host!

The world continues to be off its hinges during this pandemic. In some places in the world, in May, you might be able to arrange a physical meetup event. In other places on the planet, meeting in person could be against official recommendations. In other locations still, local pandemic rules and regulations may prohibit physical meetups. Global Azure is a global collaboration between community enthusiasts. You the local community leaders arrange your events as you see fit, in accordance with local recommendations and rules. You who organize claim full credit for all the great community work you do. All Global Azure do is help amplify your greatness! THIS MEANS: Organizers of any event as part of the Global Azure happening is entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! If you can safely organize a physical meetup event, that's wonderful for you and for your attendees. If you organize a virtual meetup with your community, we applaud your efforts, because it is not easy to do virtual events. Either way you are a hero! The final option is to do some sort of a hybrid event with both meetup and virtual components. In whatever way YOU decide to set up YOUR event, we Global Azure will be there to cheer you on! Have a FUN and safe Global Azure!

Welcome to #Globalazure 2022

Once again, we meet, we learn, and we make merry together as a Global FAMILY of Azure enthusiasts! Community and Learning is the way we live!

Your friendly admin team - @globalazure - @davidjrh, @iamalexmang, @karlgots, @martinabbott, @noopman, @sjoukjezaal, @wesleycabus