Community pin map and speaker sessions now on the site

Wonderful news: The community pin map is back and sessions are flooding in on the site

Two great updates regarding #GlobalAzure 2022 today. Read the details below!

In case you want to take action immediately:

When the pandemic broke two years ago, Global Azure had change into an entirely virtual event. In the chaos that ensued our beloved map of local community events did not seem appropriate, and was removed. Instead we brought you a massive list of virtual sessions from all the virtual live streaming community events. With Sessionize integration it was very easy for each community to list their speakers on our shared #GlobalAzure site. That was a sudden and hectic change and it turned out so fantastically well. Seeing hundreds of beautiful faces of community hero speakers listed was certainly a proud moment. We stood up together in face of the pandemic. Together the Global Azure communities have delivered many hundreds of sessions live streaming around the globe in 2020 and -21. Now in 2022 when some locations around the globe may run in-person meetups, many communities are once again organizing local events. Some communities will remain virtual with their events. There is also a new kind of hybrid event that live stream their in-person sessions so that they can have both.

For Global Azure 2022 this means we will have two things on the site at the same time: We will have the map of community pins and at the same time a huge listing of community sessions. Our site now supports both features.

Remember that is our shared site together. All Azure communities around the Globe that like to join in the fun can integrate their content! We are all about spreading the word about all Azure communities, organized by amazing community heroes. The more the merrier as they say. The site exists to make it easy for more community members to find you and sign up for your Global Azure event, and for your future community events!

The community pin map

Gone from the site for two pandemic years, the return of the beloved #GlobalAzure Community pin map is most welcome! Here is what the pin map used to look before the pandemic:

#GlobalAzure 2019 community pins map

[#GlobalAzure 2019 community pins map]

See the first communities that have dropped their 2022 pin to stake their community claim!

It is easy to claim your pin on the map! Follow these instructions to create your very own community page on the Global Azure web site. Include your community location information in the metadata file, we review your data for completeness, and your pin will drop on the map!

The sessions from our community on the shared site

A few of the speakers in virtual sessions from #GlobalAzure 2022:

GlobalAzure speakers faces listed in the 2021 event

[GlobalAzure speakers faces listed in the 2021 event]

Join us for #GlobalAzure on May 5-7 with sessions from your community, by your speakers! It does not matter if you have a virtual event, or an in-person, or a hybrid event (in-person event with live streamed sessions). All your sessions from your community can be listed on the Global Azure site. All you need to do is simply integrate your own Sessionize event with GlobalAzure! That will surface your sessions along side all the other community sessions!

A note about event ownership: As an event organizer you need to consider safety at your local event! You are responsible to follow local pandemic rules where you arrange your event. Regardless of how you arrange your event, we are sure it is going to be GREAT! In the end, you own both the responsibility and you take full credit for the community event that you host.

Thank you and let us have a GREAT Global Azure event together!

Your friendly admin team - @globalazure - @davidjrh, @iamalexmang, @noopman, @rikhepworth, @sjoukjezaal, @wesleycabus