Global Azure Speaker Buddy System

Global Azure Speaker Buddy

There are many out there in the world who are exited by the idea to speak virtually at Global Azure. At the same time as a beginner speaker or as someone who has never spoken virtually and does not have the technical setup in order, giving a first virtual presentation may seem very daunting and infinitely far off!

A Microphone in front of an audience

How can we help?

There are so many vastly experienced speakers out there and there are so many technical wizards who know all about live streaming and what it takes to present online!

If the buddy is available then perhaps the new/novice speaker can join!

We want to keep this very simple! New speaker and experienced buddy look here!

I want to speak but this is new to me or technically distant:

Let us try to help you prepare for giving perhaps your very first online or first ever presentation! Send us a message if you need help or just support on your path to becoming a great global virtual speaker! What we can do is match you with a buddy who is willing to help with what it is that you need to get you stable, confident and ready to take on a global audience at #GlobalAzure!

Contact us via the site form to be assigned a buddy!

As a speaker or live streaming person I want to be a buddy:

It is amazing the difference a little guidance can make! Are you perhaps a Microsoft MVP, or perhaps a community enthusiast who loves to share and is willing to lend a hand? All we ask is that you volunteer a little of your time and raise a hand to say - yea I can help! There is no particular obligation you need to meet at all, just if you are willing to email a potential buddy seeking person to help with what they need and get them ready for speaking at #GlobalAzure would be a tremendous help!

The immense satisfaction to help someone take the plunge and take the stage for the first time - to see them present online knowing that you added some fuel and fanned the flame! That feeling! <3

Contact us via the site form to raise a hand as a potential buddy!

We are happy to add faces of potential buddies here in this blog post and on our site to inspire potential speakers who have questions to reach out!

For next generation of speakers!

This pandemic has effectively halted most physical conferences and events. There are lots of people who would like to give presentations and share their technical passion, but who now do not have an outlet to do so. Together we can add new stars to the speaker sky and become new speakers stars!

Of course anyone who wants may ask for a buddy - no matter your colour, gender, social background etc. Anyone who thinks they could help and be a buddy can probably also help with something.

Global Azure is acutely aware that all the people in the world are very different - you try coordinating a global movement and you will see! ;) What we ask of everyone is that they be mindful of each other's differences and that not everyone is experienced neither as a speaker nor a teacher. If people are open, honest and willing, something good will come from this!

Please mind our Global Azure Code of Conduct at all times! Everyone deserves to take the stage and feel the excitement and joy of sharing knowledge and learning together as a global community!

We might ask if we can feature buddy/speaker mappings and cases on our blog and we hope you might want to join and spread some inspiration!

Your friendly admin team,

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