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Welcome to Global Azure 2024!

Since the very first Global Azure Bootcamp, organised over ten years ago, what is now known as Global Azure has gone from strength to strength. Three days where enthusiasts, professionals, students and community leaders around the world come together to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We are excited to announce that Global Azure 2024 will take place on Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, and Saturday 20th of April! You can also be part of the greatest global community event about Azure technology on the planet!

Can't get to an event? Get your Global Azure fix virtually!

Global Azure is a worldwide event (the clue is in the name!) but even with communities taking part across six continents it doesn't mean that there is an event near you.

Don't worry: The community has got you covered! Several of the events over the course of Global Azure 2023 will be streaming content, including those being held in the Microsoft Reactors.

Global Azure: The Community and Annual Event for Azure Users and Enthusiasts Worldwide

The Global Azure Community is a network of individuals and organizations committed to advancing the use of Azure. They hold an annual event called Global Azure, which brings together communities of Azure users, experts, and enthusiasts to share knowledge and best practices. Attendees can participate in various activities such as technical sessions, workshops, hackathons, and networking events. The event is an excellent platform for attendees to connect with peers and experts in the Azure community. Global Azure 2023 will be held from May 11th to May 13th, with localized hybrid events and live streams organized worldwide. The event is a must-attend for anyone interested in Azure, offering unparalleled learning and networking opportunities.

Microsoft is sponsoring Azure Passes for Global Azure 2023

Microsoft is sponsoring Global Azure by providing Azure Passes worth $100 for attendees to access Azure services and tools. To obtain the pass, attendees must attend a Global Azure event, obtain an event code, and then enter it on the Azure Pass website to unlock the sponsorship. The number of passes is limited, and Microsoft suggests activating them immediately to ensure effective sponsorship use. Azure Passes allow attendees to explore Azure services and tools without costs and gain valuable experience with Azure.

Engineering a chain reaction: Global Azure at the Microsoft Reactors

We've always had a great relationship with Microsoft throughout all the years we have run Global Azure. This year, Microsoft offered the support of leveraging their Reactor spaces worldwide to help with Global Azure 2023. Located in major cities around the world and accessible online, the Reactors provide free content for the broader developer community and in 12 locations around the globe, space for Microsoft and community-led events year round.

Welcome to Global Azure 2023!

It is fascinating to see how our event, the event of all global Azure communities, which was originally called "Windows Azure Bootcamp", has set a new global standard for community happenings. There are so many community events now named "Global {something} Bootcamp." It is not wrong to state that Global Azure put "global" into community. Today, it is quite common to do a tech community event on a global scale, or not at all. We are so happy and proud to be part of this community of global Azure enthusiast - community leaders, speakers, and learners!

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We want to join the fun with Global Azure - we are also interested in learning more about Azure during the global event. What do we do? 

That is in fact easy - here is how: 

  • You can quickly join your community of eager Azure learners to the event - and drop your pin on the Global Azure pin map! Any technical community is free to join - as long as your event for Global Azure is about... Azure! Your event is yours, and the content that you have, and the setup you have, is completely yours to arrange as works for you! 

  • You can post your community sessions that will take place in-person or virtually during Global Azure. 

  • As a speaker you can also join your own session on your own and share your knowledge from anywhere! 

A statement regarding current events

Global Azure was conceived as an event delivered by the community for the community. In our minds ‘community’ is inclusive of all nations, genders, religions, cultures and race. We strive to help each of us be better through the umbrella of an event which promotes sharing, teaching, and directly using technology for good through our Global Science Lab.

We are saddened that current events facture that community. We condemn any behaviour that attacks or excludes people, from prejudice to war. From our humble position as an event intended to foster goodwill and betterment for all involved, we will continue our efforts in that regard.

We will miss our friends that are not able to place their pins on our map this year. We hope that they are safe, and we will welcome them back to Global Azure in future.